boAt Airdopes 281 Best True Wireless Earbuds Review & Buyer’s Guide

The boAt company is making a wide range of headphones and Airdopes in competition with musical technology marketing where headphones and earbuds are becoming one of the most important gadgets for daily use. 

And because of the wireless feature boAt Airdopes have become friendly to use and easy to handle so that u can have a tangled free experience.

These are truly wireless earbuds with an impressive as you can expect from boAt companies. 

This model of boAt Airdopes 281 was launched on 11 May 2020. This earbud is very light in weight and relaxed in use. The storage case comes with a stylish appearance and also light in weight. 

Painting features of the earbuds are also annoyance-free and use comfortably. If hip hop and heavy bits’ music are your choices you can easily tune with these Airdopes. 

These boAt Airdopes come to you with 14 hours back up accompanied by a carry case with a capacity of 420mAh. You will also be able to experience easy-access touch control with a stereo calling feature. 

This model comes with a very reasonable market price with wireless Bluetooth features and many other alluring features and would be profitable for a buyer in this price value.

boAt Airdopes 281

boAt Airdopes 281

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boAt Airdopes 281

boAt Airdopes 281

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  1. The dimension of the boAt Airdopes 281 is 4 x 1.9 x 2.5cm, 8 grams.
  2. Can easily be tuned with IOS, Android, and Windows.
  3. This wireless earbuds requirement is a lithium-ion battery which is included in this device.
  4. The earbuds give you service for 3.5 hours with one single complete charge.
  5. It is a Bluetooth connected earbuds with v5.0 and can catch range up to 10m 
  6. It is an IpX5 rated sweat resistance that would be easy to maintain and can be used when you are doing exercise and is suitable and for a humid climate.
  7. The mic is also built in this device – one mic per earphone. 
  8. Frequency response range 20Hz with an impedance of 22 ohms.
  9. Call quality is fairly good in this price range considering other features it is good.
  10. The company has also given type c charger which is quite a good feature in this range of market price.
  11. To indicate that they are charging the eardopes contain LED lights and with pairing the LED light blink on one side.
  12. Noise cancelation is ok in this price range.
  13. When you are hanging on calls it will give you good performance.
  14. The fitting is really good will not fit as it is falling off.
  15. The clarity of the sound is very balanced but fitted and balanced in this price.

boAt Airdopes 281

boAt Airdopes 281 TWS Earbuds

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  1. Model name boAt Airdopes 281.
  2. The design is an ergonomic exquisite type.
  3. You will get to experience immersive sound with 6mm drivers.
  4. 14 hours’ battery backup which contains 420 mAh carry case.
  5. Instant wireless experience with Bluetooth 5.0v.
  6. Up to 3.5 hours you can enjoy music with one single charge.
  7. IPX5 rated that gives your eardopes protection from splash and sweat.
  8. Stereo calling facility you are getting with easy touch control.
  9. You can access voice assistance with a single touch.
  10. Some opt for colors are Furious Blue and Active Black.

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Let's Talk About boAt Airdopes 281 Sound Quality

These boAt Airdopes 281 are with good bass for people who love to tune with heavy bits this earbud is a good option. Noise cancellation is fairly good.

If you want to change the song double tap on right one and this will make you hear the next song of your playlist and if you follow the same process for the same you will move to the previous song.

This model of Airdopes is featured with an inbuilt mic with the help of which you can attend your call wirelessly. Also, you access voice assistants like Siri and Google with one single charge.

A stereo calling facility is there for your use so that you can answer your call without using your mobile. Also feature with Bluetooth version 5.0v which is a current variety that provides easy connectivity it connects with a range of 10m.

You can enjoy audio HD type and it is featured with IWP technology which is instant wake and pair equipment. Two good features are it's no lag when you are playing audio or video, zero audio video lag are two of the best features in it. And you can boost the bass to above decent with any equalizer app.

boAt Airdopes 281

boAt Airdopes 281 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

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Built and Design

boAt Airdopes 281 is absolute wireless and is of good build quality.

Although it is plastic built it is not cheap to look at and also you will feel durable and fashionable looking while holding it in your hand.

The charging case is compact and the shape is like that it would not protrude from your pocket. It comes in various colors.

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Battery Backup and Charging

When it’s come to any electronic gadgets charging property is a buyer one of the most important searches. It comes with an included lithium-ion battery.

It features a powerful charging case that contains a battery capacity of 420 mAh battery and you can smoothly charge your earbuds three to four times.

The case also features 4 LED indicator lights from this indicator you can detect different stages of charging to make your use easier it can give a battery backup for 14 hours on a single charge. it 1-hour full charge is complete which is quite less time in this price range.

To charge your product you are getting a USB type C port which is quite a progressive and current feature and also quite profitable if you consider the price range.

boAt Airdopes 281

boAt Airdopes 281 True Wireless Earbuds

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IPX Rating 

The boAt Airdopes 281 is IPX5 rated which makes your earphones protected from sweat and splash so in a humid climate in the summertime in hot noon you can easily use this without any worry.

Also in the gym and any sweat-producing work time this will give you company. so use it carefree forgetting about the damage caused by sweat and splash.

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  1. The most important pros of it are its price range.
  2. It is sweat and splash resistance that makes it carefree to use.
  3. It is fast charging and gives you complete charge within 1 hour.
  4. Comes with a type c USB charging port.



  1. The voice cancellation feature is not that advanced.


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The Final Verdict

The price range of the boAt Airdopes 281 within 2000 approx which is quite reasonable in this feature and is from a good company like boAt.

The sweat and splash resistance feature is also available that gives you carefree music to listen to, battery backup is also good in this price range overall if you look it is a good and reasonable range product to buy considering the features and points in the review article.

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