boAt Airdopes 311v2 Review – Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Buyer’s Guide

boAt Airdopes 311v2 Review - The boAt is a famous brand for making the best earbuds or Airdopes they are always high on the market for introducing many series of boAt Airdopes and also introduce many of the upgraded version of the previous model at quite a reasonable price so that it fits with any one’s budget with many appealing features. 

This model of boAt Airdopes 311v2 gives you a real wireless experience. boAt earbuds are really in high demand in markets as it is really reasonable to buy and also you can get many features which lead you to use this Airdopes carefree and make them easy to use the Airdopes 311v2 is upgraded version of boAt Airdopes 311v2 that has come with many new features.

It features an instant absolute wireless connection with earbuds that lead to getting the offer of all in one user with the latest Bluetooth version of v5.0 with one single charge it will provide you service for up to 3.5 hours and with includes charging case it provides additional 12 hours to let you enjoy your tune. 

A stereo calling feature is also available so that you can enjoy clear communication. So that you can take complete control over playback, calls, and instant voice assistance boAt 311v2 comes featured with an even combined multifunction regulator. Also to lead you to carefree use it is IPX5 water and sweat resistance that would be easy to maintain.


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boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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  1. These boAt Airdopes 311v2 are absolutely wireless and give you a tangled free experience 
  2. It has the upgraded Bluetooth version v5.0
  3. You can experience hands-free communication as it equipped with a stereo calling feature 
  4. You can also experience HD audio as it is of 6mm x 2 drivers.
  5. Provides you with a playback time of 3.5 hours if you give it one single full charge so that you can enjoy a long-lasting tuned moment.
  6. The charging case is of 500mAh and this would provide the Airdopes with additional 12 hours of playback.
  7. These Airdopes would be more applicable and according to your criteria if loves to enjoy heavy beats music as it comes with heavy bass and hip hop this kind of song sound absolutely perfect. 
  8. You can easily take easy access to communicate with voice assistance like Siri and Google.
  9. For more relaxed use, it is IPX5 sweat and water resistance.

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  1. The measurement of the product 7.5 x 4x 3 cm; weight 100 grams
  2. The color option available is – Active Black, Ranging Red, midnight Blue.
  3. The battery cell is of lithium-ion 
  4. For sweat and water resistance rating it is IPX5 rated
  5. The charge stays for 35 hours with one single charge
  6. The carry case battery capacity is 500 mAh
  7. Stereo calling feature is also available
  8. It is ergonomically designed TWS Airdopes
  9. Also, it comes with the feature of having an LED indicator
  10. Standby time is greater than 24 hours.
  11. Takes 90 min for one full charge to complete
  12. It is Bluetooth connected and connectivity ranges for 10m

boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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boAt Airdopes 311v2 Review Details:


Build Quality and Design:

boAt Airdopes 311v2 is wireless and designed in a glossy and stylish appearance. It is overall appeared in a matte finish texture, for one who has a concern regarding the color two more color options are available these are Ranging Red and Midnight Blue. The symbol of the brand boat is made on top of the earbuds that give it a fashionable look highlighting its brand name.

The earbuds are rubbery in texture. The fitting of the Airdopes is quite firm and you don’t need to worry about if they fall off they will remain firm to your ear and gives you a tune moment even when you are doing any heavy movements. The buttons are located on the earbuds.

After you take out the absolutely wireless earbuds they pair themselves automatically when you are putting them out of their charging case. The earbuds are designed with a ring-shaped light that flashes in blue and red indicating the pairing of the earbuds. With the pairing of the earbuds, the flashing of the light stops.

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Battery Backup and Charging Capacity:

For any electronic gadget if we talk charging capacity and battery are a prime concern and any buyers will 1st look into this if charging capacity is poor anyone cannot enjoy the music properly so let’s review the charging and battery.

The battery is made up of lithium-ion the charging case of the Airdopes features a 500 mAh battery. The battery capacity is fitted if we consider its market price.

With the help of a fully charged charging battery case, you can charge your Airdopes 3 times for each charge to complete it takes 90 min which is not a bad time in this price range.

Once your Airdopes are in the fully charged condition you can use them for about 3.5 hours which is quite a long duration when maybe you are listening to music while traveling.

The Airdopes remain in charge condition for 100 hours. This is quite a good and useful feature if you consider the price range.

boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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Sound Quality:

For Airdopes and headphones if we are discussing sound quality is one of the main points that should take into consideration and one must review the product's sound a mic detail whether it comes under their criteria because the product is all about sound and that would give you a tuned moment.

In this price range if you consider the market price sound quality is perfectly fitted in this price range. It comes with the feature so that you can enjoy HD sound. If we consider the bass the quality is really amazing to listen to and really good to the people who are a fan of heavy beat music like hip hop and overall sound quality is also pleasant, quality of the call sound not up to the mark but it is ok if considering the above good features.

This is not that much marked if anyone takes this product for hearing the sound of online games like PUBG as need 3d sound requirements for this games.

The assimilated mic is flawless in doing its work and can be used easily to connect then with your phone voice assistance.

For calling purposes or also if you are using your voice assistance the mic can range up to 10m. While using the earbuds you will not experience any auditory in expression. The noise cancellation feature is not present but to some extent, it can block external sound.

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IPX Rating:

In this busy scheduled life of now a day when we are doing any monotonous work using Airdopes is may provide you with some relaxed moment so how much a device is easy to maintain and carefree to use would be a buyer’s concern, 

The Airdopes are IPX5 water and sweat resistance this feature is important as with this feature you can use this device while you are jogging, dancing doing exercise that is it will remain protected and you don’t have to worry about sweat damage as this work are sweat-producing.

Also, you can use it without any worry when maybe you’re seating near any water body or when you are watering your plant. Also easy to maintain as you can also use a little amount of water if there is any small mark on your Airdopes so in this reasonable price range you are getting an Airdopes that let you enjoy your music any time when you are doing any work carefreely.

boAt Airdopes 311V2 Review

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  1. The benefit of this Airdopes is its reasonable price range.
  2. The stereo calling facility of the Airdopes gives you hand-free use 
  3. The charging capacity is also good that offers a 500 mah charging carry case that provides the earbuds to charge 3 times.
  4. Water and sweat resistance also gives you carefree use.



  1. Noise cancellation sound is not present.


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The Final Verdict:

We have discussed in detail and have tried to review every angle about the boAt Airdopes 311v2 so that by reading this review article you can decide whether your criteria are matching with is Airdopes.

If we consider the above features the sound quality the design the and connectivity of the battery backup the Airdopes are equally balancing all the features and are fitted well if you consider the market value also for those color is a matter of two color options are also available charging capacity is quite good with one single charge it will remain accompanied with you for 3.5 hours which is quite a long time and in the carry case it will serve additional 12 hours of service and in a long journey you can remain tuned and never get bored with this Airdopes. 

The carry case is so compact and stylish in look it will be perfectly fit in your pocket and never bulge out that may remain your worries of whether you are looking odd also the matte finish and rubbery texture is now a trend and it would look classy If you hold this in your hand. So considering all the features this product is quite impressive and you and buy it would not disappoint you.

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