boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds – Review & Buyer’s Guide

boAt Airdopes 441 Pro - Everybody likes to hear music, for many people music does many things. For people who work out, it boosts their energy, for some people it soothes their mind and soul, and for some, it makes their boring life magical and interesting.

But usually, people buy earphones that have wires. Those kinds of earphones are inconvenient to carry around and you will get disturbed by them due to their wires. To those people, my first suggestion would be to buy wireless earphones or earbuds, boAt Airdopes 441 Pro.

How many people would have a question in their mind like, if the earbuds will be good enough or if they will last long or not? Generally, earpods are far more expensive than earphones, so people also get worried if the earphones don’t work properly their money will go to waste.

There are many brands in the market for you to choose from but people usually, try to buy earphones that are reliable and come at affordable prices.

Today I have brought you one of the best boAt Airdopes in the market, the boAt Airdopes 441 Pro. The boAt is India’s fastest growing audio and wearables brand. It is very famous for its incredible range of wireless earphones, earbuds, headphones, and smartwatches. Earphones of this brand are very reliable and come at affordable prices. The boAt Airdopes 441 Pro is also reliable and its features exceed its price.


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boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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The boAt Airdopes 441 Pro earbuds were launched on 6th August 2020. These ears-buds have a total playback time of 150 hrs(with a charging case).

If you want you can buy these earphones on Amazon. They will get your earphones delivered to your doorstep within 2 to 3 days.

These boAt Airdopes 441 Pro are very stylish and are available in different colors like Active black, Spirit lime, Sporty blue, Raging red, Mint purple, Mint green, and Bumblebee yellow.


Specifications & Features - boAt Airdopes 441 Pro

  1. These earphones have a battery life of 5 hours in earbuds and 150 hours in a charging case. It takes almost 1.5 hours to charge it fully and then it becomes ready to use for another 5 hours.
  2. These earphones are compatible with Android and iOS and have a v5.0 Bluetooth system with a range of 10 meters. 
  3. It has an inbuilt mic in both the earbuds.
  4. It has an IPX Rating of IPX7 and is marked as water and sweat resistant.
  5. It comes with some additional earmuffs, a USB type C charging cable, and a warranty card.
  6. It has a sports-friendly design and easy to operate.
  7. These are CTC (capacitive touch control) earbuds.
  8. It has IWP Technology (instant wake and pair).
  9. It has a One-touch instant voice assistant.


boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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These boAt Airdopes 441 Pro is truly wireless earbuds powered by Bluetooth 5.0. It has a sporty design and a very comfortable fit.

It comes with two pairs of soft and adjustable rubber ear tips provided by the company. The earbuds are lightweight and weigh a few grams.

They come with a rubber grip and rubber support that feels very comfortable to the ears that wear them. Overall you won't feel like you are carrying a burden on your ears even if you wear it for a longer time.

The charging case has a stylish and matt finish and has a type C charging port at its back. The looks and design of the earphones are very premium.

The charging case has a massive battery of 2600mah which can also support reverse charging. There are also charging indicator LED lights that show how much your case is charged.

It has a huge charging capacity and this case can also be used as a power bank for your smartphone in emergency cases.



These earphones have a highly sensitive CTC (Capacitive touch control) that is located around the rectangular part of the company logo on both earbuds.

Several touch controls have different functions and can be controlled directly from the earbuds without touching the phone. 

When you open the carry case the IWP feature starts working and it automatically starts to pair up. You just need to switch on the Bluetooth of your phone and search for nearby devices.

When you will search for them, you can find the name of your earbuds that will appear on your screen. Click on the boAt Airdopes 441 Pro and pair your device with it. After you pair your device the audio will be transferred to it.

The best thing about this is that if you pair these earbuds with your device once then you will not have to pair it again even if you disconnect it later.

When you will try to connect it again you can just switch on your Bluetooth and your device will automatically connect to the earbuds on its own. By the courtesy of IWP technology, your earbuds will connect to your device only in a fraction of seconds.


boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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Sound or Audio Quality

The sound quality of these earbuds is amazing. These earbuds have a heavy bass and can eliminate the surrounding noises for good hearing and smooth conversations.

If you love bass and want an earphone that has a good bass these earphones are highly recommended for you. But in terms of its treble, it is slightly better than average. Sometimes you can experience a slight break or haziness but for everyday use, it is a great deal.

It does not have any kind of active noise cancellation but if you are outside and have kept your earbuds on 80 to 100 percent sound range you will get no external noises and your hearing will not be hampered at all. It also has a 6mm audio driver that is quite good and goes very high when the volume is at 100%.


Comfort & Usage

The design of these boAt Airdopes 441 Pro gives you real comfort. It comes with soft adjustable rubber tips of different sizes applicable for different ears.

It has a net-like design that is a rubber grip that keeps the earbuds firm in your ears and prevents them from falling off.

It also has an IPX7 that is water and sweat resistant so you can wear these earphones even when you workout. It has a massive battery power of 150 hours (with a charging case) and can work for at least 5 hours after a single charge time.

The charging case has a 2600mAh battery and gets charged fully within just 2 hours.


boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Ear-Buds

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Pros & Cons


  1. It is a lightweight earbud that perfectly fits the ear and doesn’t feel like a burden even if you wear it for a long time.
  2. These earbuds have a net-like structure to them. The structure is known as the ear grip that helps the earphone to be firm in its place.
  3. It has a very easy CTC control and very large battery power.
  4. It is water and sweat resistant and has a 2600mAh battery case with a reverse charging function.


  1. The Bluetooth range for these earphones is only 10ms and sometimes the connection with your device can cause problems in sound like breaking of sound or haziness.
  2. It doesn’t have an active noise cancellation feature.
  3. The case cannot be charged without USB cables or wires.


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The Final Verdict

Although I would not say that this is the best earphone in the present market, yes, this boAt Airdopes 441 Pro earbuds is a reliable and affordable one for common people like you and me.

These earbuds have many functions that exceed their price. Getting that kind of function at an affordable price is a very big deal.

If you want to buy these earbuds they are available on amazon. They are available on Amazon at a current price Check Best Price. The earbuds are really good and I assure you & you won’t regret buying them.


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