Newly Launch boAt Airdopes 701 ANC: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The boAt is a company that launches audio products in the market every second day and all of its products are getting advanced day by day. The most recently added product is yet another set of fantastic wireless earbuds boAt Airdopes 701 ANC.

Normally the products of this company target the budget segment of earphones but recently they have leveled a little higher and come into the mid-premium budgetary segment. The earbuds we are discussing right now are a part of the mid-premium segment and are obviously a little bit costlier than other products of the same brand. 

The boAt Airdopes 701 ANC was launched on 4th March this year and is fully loaded with many advanced features. The ANC in the name is actually for the Active Noise Cancellation feature that is not very common in the earbuds or earphones of this brand. In comparison to other earbuds, it has many impressive features but they satisfy the needs of the end-user or not let us find out.


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boAt Airdopes 701 ANC Review

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC

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Features & Specifications boAt Airdopes 701 ANC

  1. boAt Airdopes 701 ANC have a good battery backup. They offer a playback time of 5.5 hours in earbuds and 22 hours with the charging case.
  2. It has Bluetooth connectivity of Bluetooth V5.0 and works smoothly in a range of 15 meters.
  3. These earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and you can it with your PC too.
  4. boAt Airdopes 701 ANC has an IPX rating of IPX 7 and is sweat and water-resistant.
  5. It also has an Active Noise Cancellation feature that is Hybrid and up to 30Db.
  6. There are two mics in each earbud.
  7. It has features like IWP (Instant wake up and pair) and ASAP Fast charging.
  8. It comes with ENx technology that is for Environmental Noise Cancellation.
  9. It has different modes like BEAST Mode for low latency gaming and also Crystal/Ambient Mode for Ambient sound.
  10. It is lightweight and ergonomic in design and has some quirky and intuitive LED lights on it.
  11. These earbuds are very easy to control and have touch controls.
  12. boAt Airdopes 701 ANC also has an Instant Voice Assistant that makes it much easier to control just by voice.

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC Review

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Features: boAt Airdopes 701 ANC Review


  • Build Quality and Design

boAtAirdopes 701 ANC has a premium matt finish body and is wrapped in a premium-looking charging case. These earbuds and charging case are made of hard plastic material and have a matt finish. Moreover, there are quirky and intuitive LED lights on the case that indicate battery percentage and charging.

These features and style make these earbuds look cool and catchy. There are smooth touch controls on the outer side of the earbuds. With this touch control feature, you can control your earbuds smoothly whether it be listening to music or attending calls.

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC are very lightweight and their ergonomic design ensures the user's comfort. The rubber tips of these earbuds are very soft and these earbuds come with extra pair of earmuffs. Even if you use these earbuds for a longer period of time you will never feel pain in your ear. But it is suggested that you listen to 70% volume at the maximum so you feel comfortable even wearing it all day long. 

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  • Sound Quality boAt Airdopes 701 ANC

As you the sound quality of an earphone or earbud is its most important feature. Imagine buying a very advanced earbud with many features but the sound quality of the earbud is not up to the mark. Would you even buy it? Most probably the answer is no. No one wants to buy an earbud that doesn't have good audio quality. 

But the most advertised feature of this product is related to its audio quality. We will start with its Active Noise Cancellation feature. boAt Airdopes 701 ANC comes with a Hybrid ANC that suppresses up to 30Db of surrounding environment noise. Because of this feature, you will only hear the important signals and the unwanted signals will be filtered out automatically. The ENx technology of these earbuds helps in environmental noise cancellation around a person. 

These earbuds have immersive sound and give a superb listening experience. There are 9 mm drivers in these earbuds that produce great sound and enhances the overall sound quality. These earbuds have a heavy bass. 

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC has two microphones in each earbud and all total 4 mics in two of the buds. These mics enable you to do smooth conversations even in noisy environments and offer hands-free calls and control. Because of the Noise Cancellation feature the voice that the other person hears on the other side is more clear and understandable. 

The good thing about these earbuds is that these earbuds have dual-mode. The two modes are Beast Mode and Ambient Mode. The Beast Mode is designed for a low latency gaming experience and is best for gamers. While the other mode, the Ambient Mode is for those people who like to take cognizance of their surroundings while they are immersed in the world of music. The other specialty of these earbuds is their voice assistant integration. With one command or touch, you will get access to both Siri and Google.

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC Review

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  • Battery Backup and Charging

Battery Backup is also one of the very important features of an earbud. It does not matter how good your earbuds are if they don’t have proper battery backup it's obvious that you won't like them. Each earbud of boAt Airdopes 701 ANC has a 50mAh battery and gives a battery backup of 5.5 hours if fully charged. 

Not only this they also have a charging case that has a battery capacity of 550mAh. It gives a battery backup of 22 hours once fully charged and can charge your earbuds about 4 times in the charging case without help charging the case again. The charging case is easy to charge as it requires a Type C charger and it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to charge completely. These earbuds have an ASAP Charging technology by which the earbuds can work for at least 1 hour even in a charge of only 5 minutes.

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  • Some Other Features

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC has Bluetooth connectivity of Bluetooth V5.0 and gives a strong and stable connection over a distance of 15 meters too. There are no such issues with its connectivity and these earbuds are compatible with both Android and IOS. These earbuds are also equipped with IWP technology that helps the earbuds to connect automatically once you switch the Bluetooth of your device on. You will need to pair your earbuds only once and then they will connect to the device automatically. These earbuds have an IPX rating of IPX7 and that means they are sweatproof and waterproof in design. So if you are looking for earbuds that you can wear during gym and workouts this earbud can be a good choice for you.

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC Review

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Pros and Cons boAt Airdopes 701 ANC



  1. These earbuds are truly wireless earbuds with smooth Bluetooth connectivity that works seamlessly within a range of 15 meters.
  2. These earbuds are lightweight and have an ergonomic design that makes them very comfortable for people to use.
  3. They have an IPX rating of IPX7 and are sweat and waterproof.
  4. They have a Hybrid Noise Cancellation feature that suppresses the noise around you by about 30Db.
  5. These earbuds have 9 mm drivers and produce a very heavy bass. This product is perfect for people who love heavy bass audio.
  6. These earbuds have touch controls and instant voice assistants. That makes controlling your earbuds easier.
  7. These earbuds have a great battery backup.
  8. It has two modes. One is the Beast Mode for the gamers and the other one is the Ambient Mode for the normal users. 
  9. These earbuds come with a warranty of 1 year.



  1. These earbuds come in the medium price range and are a little bit costlier compared to other products of this company.
  2. Sometimes you will not be able to control the volume in these earbuds properly and it can be troublesome.


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Final Verdict:

The above information is taken after analyzing different reviews of different people. Basically, this new set of wireless earbuds is focused on the Active Noise Cancellation feature that is not very common in the products of this company. Other than that, it has many more advanced features compared to other earbuds. But the actual issue is the price budget.

boAt Airdopes 701 ANC wireless earphones come in the medium budgetary segment so many people would think before buying them. But I would like to suggest that you should buy a boAt Airdopes 701 ANC because they are a very good deal for just Rs.3990. You can get these earbuds on Amazon right now. Order them now and they will reach your doorstep within 2 to 5 days.

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