Boat Rockerz 600 vs JBL T450BT Comparison

Undoubtedly Bluetooth headphones help us to encounter music exceptionally.

However, whenever you agree to amass a headphone, you may face tons and thousands of choices while exploring the market.

Nevertheless, there are some prime denominations such as JBL, boAt, Bose, which offers budget Bluetooth headphones.

So in this blog, we will be distinguishing two hot selling headphones of two top brands, JBL and boAt.

Distinguishing boAt Rockerz 650 vs JBL T460BT enables you to check their respective specifications records and various details. It would potentially help you understand how boAt Rockerz 650 lives against JBL T460BT and which one should you purchase.

The existing lowest tariff found for boAt Rockerz 650 is ₹1,500 and for JBL T460BT is ₹2,000. The facts of both of these commodities were last updated on 20th November 2021.

BoAt Rockerz 600 vs JBL T450BT: Table Comparison



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boAt Rockerz 600JBL T450BT
Weight: 159gm145gm
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1Bluetooth 4.0
Battery life: 8 Hours11 Hours
Battery Cell Composition: Lithium IonAluminium Oxygen
Wireless Range: 15 feet15 feet
Noise Cancellation Supports: YesYes
Extra Port: 3.5mm Aux port, Charging PortCharging Port
Warranty: 1-yr1-yr


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boAt Rockerz 600 vs JBL T450BT: Specifications Comparison

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These two headphones are the nicest selling commodities of all time that are pocket-friendly and fall within everyone’s allowance.



The boAt Rockerz 600 headphone appears with Bluetooth version 4.1, and on the additional side, JBL T450BT headphone has Bluetooth 4.0.

Both of the headphones can provide a good connectivity range up to 16 feet without any hurdle.

Nevertheless, As per reviews, you may face some audio lag cases with the boAt Rockerz 600.


Sound Integrity


boAt Rockerz 600: The brand offers 40mm strong dual drivers, which distribute super extra bass with proportional treble performance. As per reviews, the boAt Rockerz 600 headphones elicit awe-inspiring sound integrity and drive your music ordeal to the next level.


JBL T450BT: Where the boAt model has a 40mm strong driver, the JBL T450BT occurs with 33mm dynamic drivers, which certainly can supply strong sound with punching and pure bass in your head.


Battery Durability


At the time of buying any Bluetooth equipment, people were mainly worried about the battery backup. And the same happens to be when you buy Bluetooth headphones for yourself.

So if we handle the battery backup of the boAt Rockerz 600 headphones, it can give you up to 8 hours of non-stop playback time, as it comes with 300mAh battery capability.

On the other side, we have JBL T450BT, which lets you enjoy your favourite symphony for up to 12 hours.



Both of these headphones similar with smartphones and tablets.



Where the boAt Rockerz 600 headphone comes with 160 grams weight, the JBL model weighs 148 grams.



The JBL and boAt both brands offer a 1-year verification with these headphone models.



Sound: JBL has good quantity of bass but boat has more bass and mids are nicely in JBL.

Comfort: Boat certainly are more comfortable than JBL. If comfort is what you strive, you are better off with some other over-ear headphones, as both of these are on-ear.

Battery: The boat has a better battery backup (20 as opposed to 11)

Extras: AUX on boAt, doesn’t in JBL.

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Supplementary Features

Portable materials make these headphones safe over your ears, and a jagged construction assures these fold and unfold flawlessly over the years. A pair of 33mm motorists punch out some severe bass, simulating the powerful JBL Pure Bass sound, Control music playback and explanation calls on the fly with regulators and microphone placed conveniently on the earcup.



The boAt and JBL both these denominations are controlling the market in the smartphone fixtures category. Where JBL has confidence for years, the boAt is winning people’s hearts by generating top-notch products.

Accordingly, we have distinguished two best selling headphones from both top brands. If you have any investigations or suggestions heeding this comparison then feel free to reach us.


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