Top Headphone Brands in India 2021

According to Statista, the Indian headphone market is around 805 million dollars as of 2021 and expected to increase by the time.

Because of that, many brands are working to provide headphones to make a unique space in this competitive market.

Brands are doing what they should do, but what about you and me? We are consumers.

We must know the top headphone brands to get the best headphones which consist of good enough sound quality, bass, comfort, and many more things.

Here, I have compiled the information of top headphone brands in India from various trustable sources.

So, keep reading and enjoy.



Top Headphone Brands in India

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Not only headphones but in every audio equipment, JBL comes first because of its excellent quality and durability.

Look at the history, this American company founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. The headquarters are located in several places, including Los Angeles, California, United States, etc.

Harman International Industries owns JBL and manufactures every product, which is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Company.

JBL includes In-ear, On-ear, Over-ear, Wireless, Sports, Noise Cancelling, and True Wireless headphones in the headphone category.

You should buy JBL headphones from its official online store because you will get free shipping, ten days replacement, eligible warrantee, pre-order advantage, support, discounts, and offers.



Top Headphone Brands in India

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Nowadays, this brand is also becoming popular when it comes to headphones and other audio devices. But initially, in 2003, when this American brand was founded, it came up with only one device called Skullcandy Portable Link.

As of Wikipedia, Fortune Magazine described Skullcandy products as the world's coolest earbuds in 2008.

After that, Skullcandy started producing more and more latest audio products, including wireless headphones and earphones.

Along with these items, you can also purchase Skullcandy Tees and Caps from their official Indian online store.

Not only in India, but Skullcandy is well known in many prominent regions like Asia, North America, Africa, the Pacific, Europe, etc. 



Top Headphone Brands in India

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Sennheiser's name may be new to you, but the company has been working since 1945, which means it is one year older than JBL.

The Name Sennheiser comes from its founder Fritz Sennheiser and today has become one of the top headphone brands. 

Sennheiser designs all types of headphones and various equipment and systems, including microphones, studio recording devices, soundbars, and wireless monitoring systems. 

It is a German company doing business in more than 50 countries with 2801 employees as of 2019 data.

Sennheiser consists of fully-featured headphones from 1000 to 1 lac rupees. Moreover, the support system includes a how-to guide, video tutorials, warranty, and repair policy. You must visit the Sennheiser website to get the benefits of the support and services.



Top Headphone Brands in India

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This headphone brand is not famous in India, but there is a reason why I am adding it to this list. Not being popular doesn't mean it is not selling in India. 

If you go to Amazon and Flipkart, you will find some AKG headphones. Most of them gained good ratings on both platforms. 

AKG is an Australian-based company, and you will not find the Indian version of its official website. So, I prefer to buy from Indian e-commerce platforms after checking reviews.

By the way, this brand is also owned by Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.



Top Headphone Brands in India

Buy NowFrom headphones manufacturer to one of the most famous music companies, Sony Group Corporation is in demand in the international markets.

Sony is mainly known for smart televisions, cameras, and huge lenses in the techy world, but nowadays, Its headphones are also gaining popularity.

This Japanese brand does not have a huge variety when it comes to the headphone category. You can get over-ear, in-ear, and truly wireless headphones from it.

As of now, Sony Corporation is selling only 33 headphones, including the above three variants.

I consider its quality and performance according to positive reviews and ratings on major e-commerce platforms.

The price range goes low to high, from wired headphones to over-ear headbands. A true Wireless takes place between these two types.



Top Headphone Brands in India

Buy NowIf you don't know about Beats, let me tell you that this is a brand from Apple. Yes, I am talking about iPhone and Macbook manufacturing companies.

So, if you are a frequent buyer of Apple products, don't forget to try Beats headphones.

Beats was founded in 2006 by an American rapper Andre Romelle Young, known as Dr. Dre. 

From 2014, Apple took over this American company and started producing audio devices in their unique pattern.

Their primary focus is to produce only speakers and headphones; you can't see any other equipment as of now.

Like Apple smartphones, the looks and performance of Beats headphones deserve appreciation. 


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Finally, which one do you like the most from these 6 top headphone brands? Tell me in the comment box.

In my opinion, If you have a low budget, choose from Sony, JBL, Skullcandy, and Sennheiser. Besides, Beats and AKG are there if you increase your budget.

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